Sports feature: Jockey, Ruth Scherer

Ruth Scherer has ridden horses all her life. When she was 15 years-old she was put on her first racing horse. And she was off. However countless injuries and other responsibilities have left Ruth unable to jockey until now- this is her first year racing. In a sport that is male-dominated, Ruth was welcomed by long time friends and jockeys, Julie Vettman and Kelly Spanabel, at the Mount Pleasant Meadows racetrack.

Ruth hugs friend and trainer, , after her first quarter-horse win Sunday, Sept. 25, Mount Pleasant Meadows


3 thoughts on “Sports feature: Jockey, Ruth Scherer

  1. JD says:

    Is this the final cut of them, laid out for the story? Because I love the new ones you posted! The colors are so great, and you got some awesome action! I love the one with the people in the stands blurred in the foreground, that was a nice touch.

    However, this set of pictures is really great and emotional. It definitely gives you an intimate look at the person.

    Again, I compliment you; you have a great dedication, and it shows! Good work.

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