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Occupy Wall St, Nov. 17 Global Day of Action: part 2

Images from the early afternoon on Occupy Wall St’s Nov. 17 Global Day of Action. From Zuccotti Park to the fight to march down Wall St and back to the park where a cat and mouse game ensued with the NYPD barricades and the Occupiers. It was a game of strategies before the thousands of occupiers left Zuccotti and marched 2.4 miles to Union Sq.

Early afternoon rally at Foley Park, Nov. 17.

NYPD in riot gear line up along Wall St keeping protesters out of the street, Nov. 17.

A scuffle between NYPD and protesters led to OWS medics being called in on Wall St., Nov. 17

Christian Ruiz, 18, and girlfriend Bianca Rosario, 17 hug on Wall st. during Nopv. 17's OWS national day of action. Both attend the Borough of Manhattan Community College. When asked about the occupy movment, Ruiz said "I like it- it makes sense fighting for the future."

Occupiers dance in celebration when retaking Zuccotti Park Nov. 17

Troy Odendhal stands near a meditating occupier. Odendhal is at Occupy Wall St for his father, a part-time transist worker who was unjustisly fired for a work injury.

Occupy Wall St, Nov. 17 national day of action at Zuccotti Park.

The books of OWS's People's Library were thrown into a dumpter when NYPD offcials evicted Zuccotti Park protesters. The remaining books were carried around by protesters during Nov. 17 OWS's national day of action

Zuccotti Park after the eviction of the protesters as seen during on Nov 17.


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