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Halloween Arsons in Detroit

Detroit fire fighters fight a two-story vacant dwelling fire fully engulfed in flames at 5902 Ivanhoe on Detroit’s near-west side Halloween Night just after 10 p.m. Another large vacant-dwelling fire was started about an hour prior a couple blocks from Ivanhoe and Ironwood was also ruled suspicious. (Tanya Moutzalias/Special to the Detroit News)




Diptych Friday: unconventional youth

Mo holds his favorite book “Go Ask Alice”, a book about youth and addiction. “I try to read an hour a day cause it gets you out of your head,” said Mo. He was once a drug addict himself, the oldest and black sheep of his family, Mo got into drugs at a young age and was kicked out of his home at 15. He is now living in a tent community on the outskirts of Ann Arbor, MI.

JP is a young tattoo artisit leaving in a squatting community in Highland Park, MI.


“Wind: Mid-Michigan’s New Energy” was a group-thesis multimedia project that focused on the emerging Wind Turbine development in Gratiot County.

Trying to show wind energy in a different light proved to be very difficult. We stumbled across a family trying to fly a kite in their yard. Their home was surrounded by the wind turbines.

Here are a couple films stills and images from that evening of feature hunting:



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Film stills

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Golden Gate restoration project, Highland Park / #occupydetroit

Dylan just moved to Highland Park this past fall from NYC.


Cortez, volunteer/ninja/go--getter

JB, artist and resident of the Occupy Detroit house

new windows


the last supper



lotto tickets were everywhere


i spy with my little eyes, a peacock


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NYC: street photography, Central Park (part one)

Stefan Mummert, from Berlin, Germany, and girlfriend, Theresa Kraemer kiss in Central Park. Mummert is in New York for a week visiting his girlfriend who works in DC. They are spending the weekend in New York City.

Theresa Kraemer poses for a photo for her boyfriend, Stefan Mummert in Central Park. Mummert, from Berlin, Germany, is in New York for week visiting his girlfriend who works in DC. They are spending the weekend in New York City.

Molly May climbs a tall rock in Central Park. She is bouldering, free climbing without any ropes. May spent the afternoon with her brother, Micah May who has been climbing for over a decade.

A friendly game of soccer in a leaf-covered field in Central Park, Nov. 19.

Break dancers impress a crowd of onlookers in Columbus Circle, outside of Central Park.

A Salvation Army worker shakes his bells and booty at Columbus Circle outside of Central Park, Nov. 18.